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Regain control of your life and secure healthy living habits

Our approach is direct and our philosophy straightforward. A confidential partnership with a Personal Recovery Coach and consistent engagement in a discreet, self-directed professional informed Recovery Support Plan will promote recovery and abstinence and offer clients a better shot at sustained success. These plans are specifically designed to address unique personal circumstances and privacy needs. We encourage collaboration between RecoverWell’s clients and professionals in our Recovery Care Network, in addition to active participation in private or open twelve-step support groups.

True Peer Partnership

Why chose a recovery coach?

Available 24/7

Peer Partnership

Network Resources

Helps Pursue Goals

Individualized Plans

Regular Meetings

Our Recovery Care Network helps our clients by providing the following services:

  • Addiction/substance abuse counseling
  • DUI counseling
  • Gambling Addiction counseling
  • Counseling for mental health or emotional problems
  • Individual mentoring/coaching sessions and support
  • Drug screens (when required) for alcohol and drugs
  • Coordination with health care providers, therapists, EAP, and employer
  • Legal system advocacy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Residential referral if necessary/appropriate
  • Assertiveness training
  • Anger management and related classes in stress reduction
  • Nutritional food planning and vitamin/supplement therapies
  • Vocational/educational assistance
  • Family therapy and education
  • Introduction to 12-Step recovery principles & self-help groups

Why A Coach?

We have been in the ring with the bull ourselves. We know about recovery from our professional training. But more important: we also know from our own experiences as we have all achieved and maintained long term recovery. We excel at the art of recovery and seek to pass it on to our clients.

What We Are Not

Please Note: We are not counselors or therapists; we do not provide “treatment”. We will work with you as you create and implement your own recovery plan and/or wellness plan. We might also work with you, or your therapist to get you into detox or treatment if you choose to do so. We have no agenda that you go to detox, go into residential treatment or attend AA/NA meetings- unless you decide to do those things. We are only interested in supporting and effectively enhancing your own best efforts at your recovery.

Make the First Move

The time for recovery is now

Our Recovery Coaches help you either initiate or maintain recovery from addiction by providing support and guidance, and help in building a renewed life. We will show you the different options in recovery, help connect you with those resources and support you along the way. We hope to show you that you are the main resource in your own life and that your answers are already somewhere within. We merely help bring them out. Get in touch with us today!